Our Virtual Photo Booths and Virtual GIF Booths are web-based, easy to use, and fully customizable. You are able to upload photos from your phone/computer or take a photos and share them from your phone/computer. We remove the background and replace it with something super cool then add a branded overlay. After the photo or GIF is generated we review it to make sure it’s family-friendly then email it to you. Once you receive it you can instantly share to social media! The best part?! The entire process takes only a few minutes! The second, even better best part?! It allows you to instantly create valuable user generated content, collect emails and/or additional data, and offer something fun and engaging to those who couldn’t be at your event in person!


Why Collaborate with Luxury Graphers – The PhotoBooth.Co

Are you looking for some exciting new ways to engage your audiences online or virtual event attendees??
Are you passionate like us to support all the small businesses around you?
Do you want to expand your organic social media reach and create some buzz on the “Gram” ?
Do you also get the “feel good “ factor by giving it back to your society ?
Then “Let’s Get Connected “ !!!!

Good News!!

We bring to you the Virtual Photo Booths for all the above reasons, and most especially because we’re
equally passionate about collaborating with brands that are innovating and
pivoting and finding creative ways to be inspiring leaders for their audience right now .!